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Updated: Apr 18, 2018

When the Rt. Reverend Donald R. Knowles was Rector of St. Matthew’s parish Nassau, an area nearby was sparsely inhabited by members of the church, who came to Nassau from the Out Islands, as well as those in Nassau who were then buying lots in this new area of Sear Addition. He was requested by them to provide services to be conducted in their midst, rather than having to walk the distance to St. Matthew’s Church. Miss Beatrice Adderley and her sister Mrs. Elsaida Barry were the leaders in making this request, and are considered the founders of St. George’s Church. Finally a lot was purchased for the purpose of building a church. There was no more money available after the lot was purchased. Meanwhile services were held on the porch of Mrs. J Minnis’ home. At times this place was very trying because of the cold in winter and the hot sun in the summer and rainy season. After a while Mrs. Minnis offered her house and services were conducted inside.

When the RAF, who were stationed here during World War II were leaving at the end of that war, many of their buildings were put up for sale. It was then that Fr. Knowles bought a small chapel from them with half of the benches given, and this was moved to the lot already bought. So the first St. George’s Church came into being and members were able to worship in this little church which could only seat about 100 persons comfortably. It was October 1948. Father Knowles was away in England when the work was completed and so the first service was conducted by Fr. Staffuth. On the first Sunday after the Patronal Festival, a Sunday School was begun by Mrs. Maude Johnson who is still a Sunday School teacher. This means that Fr. Knowles then ministered to St. Matthew’s, St. Margaret’s, St. Felicita’s and St. George’s, as Rector of St. Matthew’s Parish. It became necessary to have assistance and when no regular assistant priest could be found, he did all the priestly work alone, except for that done by a visiting priest, and this was mainly when all were in Nassau once a year for Sacred Synod and Retreat.

Article written in 1964 by Canon Collingwood Cooper

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