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The present St. George’s Church was started by Fr. D. Lambert, Rector of St. Matthew’s Church in 1954 and was completed by Fr. Eldon who was in charge of St. Matthew over and beyond the spot of the first church building. The corner stone was laid by the Rt. Reverend Spence Burton S.S.J.E Lord Bishop of The Nassau and The Bahamas on Sunday, December 23rd 1956. Although it is much larger, 10 years later it is again too small for our members. On certain feast days most of the children can only hear mass as they have to be seated in the vestry, the school room and at times in the yard. This is far from being satisfactory hence we are anticipating adding but not demolishing.

There are several groups or organizations which contribute considerably to the work of the church. But for the invaluable assistance of Father William J. Granger, one wonders how much will have to be left undone with a single priest serving at St. George and St. Margaret. I take this opportunity of expressing to Fr. Granger the sincere gratitude of every member of the parish for his kind consideration and assistance. Mrs. Maude Johnson says of Father Granger “He is very interested in the children and tries to keep in touch with them in all things.” She speaks of our day school as a dream and the Teachers Association, which is functioning very well indeed.

The Anglican Women Association was introduced into the diocese by the Rt. Reverend Bernard Markham, Lord Bishop of Nassau and The Bahamas. Thus far they are still in the initial stage but promise to be a great support in the work of the parish. Already their presence can be felt. Pray that they may continue and grow.

Something was considered necessary to provide healthy recreation for our teenagers, hence I welcomed with great joy the suggestions from Dr. Gloria Sands to begin “St. George’s Teenagers Club.” Their success is due to themselves and Dr. Sands who is so able in getting them interested and giving them happy evenings. We are grateful for the work being done among our young men and women. Finally, the wiling workers Club is composed of women who surely justify the name they bear. They are an ever ready group of women concerned about the ways and means of raising money to meet special any special demand. Thanks to them for their marvelous efforts to date. We know not what will become of our beloved St. George’s Church in the future but we are assured that God has blessed us thus far and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Congratulations to the members for consecration of our new church building

(Canon) Collingwood Cooper Parish Priest Sunday December 20, 1964

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