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The area then called Sear’s Addition in which the little church was built, grew rapidly. More and more persons built homes. With the scarcity of employment in the Out Islands men especially, came to Nassau, and after purchasing a lot and building a home, decided to bring their families also. Besides that it was good business to build houses for rent which enabled them to work and pay a small rent. The main idea was to be employed and here was the place for it. Soon it became apparent that dear St. George, after a few years, was far too small to accommodate all the children for Sunday School as well as adults for worship. In order to meet this demand it was agreed to demolish St. George (2nd time for the same building). The question then arose as to where services will be conducted when this is done to build a larger church. While the new church was being built, morning services and Sunday School were held on the porch of the home of Percival Albury. Soon members again found themselves just where they had started; no church building, therefore on the porch again. This was in the year 1954. One of the first events held for the benefit of the new church was a concert of folk songs which was presented by a group of members.

By this time Father Knowles was Lord Bishop of Antigua. His work in this Diocese had come to an end. He left his little St. George blooming and overflowing. A church in the beauty of holiness with faithful and loyal members. To bring this about everyone had been asked to contribute, and as many as were able, did so. When they did not show up “Aunt B” went with her stick to collect from them. The following are some of the contributors: Father and Mrs. Staffurth, Fr. Holmes, Mrs. Dorothy Aranah, Stanley Albury, Lenora Arnette, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Butler, the Barry family of whom one has fallen asleep in death, the large candle sticks on the Altar were given in her memory, Edith Graham, George Harrison, Mrs. Heastrie, Cecil Isaacs and family who gave a pair of candle sticks in memory of their son who died a baby, also they gave the bowl that was used when he was baptized. The Organ by all the members of the church.

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