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Our Vision

To be self-sufficient, able to give 1/10 back to our community without any second thought.  To acquire land around the Church so that the church can be seen as the symbol of UNITY, FAITH and LOVE within this community.  To create an environment that welcomes and enhances the Glory of God.  To cultivate people’s interest to want to become part of the Body by dramatic and musical expression of things OLD and NEW and keep a balanced view to spirituality.

St George’s Anglican Church

P.O.Box N-1103, Nassau, The Bahamas
Montrose Avenue & Arundel Street
Telephone: (242) 322-1139 / (242) 325-8997
Fax: (242) 323-1020

The Rt. Reverend Laish Z. Boyd Sr, Diocesan Bishop
Telephone: (242) 322-30125

The Reverend Fr. Scott Brennen, Rector / J.P
Curate’s Lodge: 394-5937 / Mobile: 376-7090

Adrian Archer, Parish Administrator

Mrs. Deborah Greene, Parish Secretary

Mrs. Dianna Bingham, Parish Treasurer

Members of the Vestry

Brenda Archer (Music)              
Fr. Scott Brennen (ex officio)    
Algier Cartwright (2021)           
Lavade Darling (ACM)              
Edith Saunders (ACW)             
Sandra J. Knowles ((2021)       
Ingrid Culmer (2020)                 
Betty Smith (Guild to Sick)      
Roscow Davies (2020)             
Patrice Antonio (2020)           
Patrice Green (2021)

Paula Balfour (Usher Board)
Vernon Burrows (2020)
Andre Conliffe (Sunday School)
Kevin Davies (St. Ambrose Guild)
Jerome Knowles (People's Warden)
Gevon Moss (Warden)
Cleomi Parker (2020)
Donald Thompson (2020)
Justin Ingraham (2020)
Elijah Knowles (2021)

Parochial Organizations

Anglican Church Men

Usher Board

Youth Department

Anglican Young Adults

Guild of St. Ambrose



Visitation to Sick & Shut-In

Social Committee               

Anglican Church Women

Guild To Help Sick & Needy

Youth Choir

Sr. Choir

Altar Guild


Sunday School

Beautification Committee

Ministries of Diocese 2000 & Beyond

Christian Education

Pastoral Care & Counselling

Social Outreach





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